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April 24, 2013 |

Skills: Brand Management, Marketing Strategy, Product Development

McKinley Marketing Partners would like to introduce Linda, another McKinley consultant with impressive credentials as a strategic marketer.  Linda has been working with us for over a year and recently completed a successful client project.  To recognize Linda’s recent accomplishments, we have selected her as this month’s Featured Interim Marketing Manager℠.

Read on to learn about Linda’s marketing consulting experience:


Your career spans from the agency world, to working client side at a company, and now consulting work.   What driving force persuaded you to become a marketing consultant? 

Marketing consulting is a great fit for me. I enjoy the challenge, variety, and unpredictability of consulting engagements, and the opportunity to use the breadth of my skills to achieve the client’s objectives.


What would you say is your favorite aspect of being a marketing consultant?

From what I’ve seen, consultants tend to get the interesting assignments that the employees would love to do but can’t because of their day-to-day responsibilities.


Can you tell us about your most recent McKinley client project?  

Recently, I worked with an all-star team on the launch of a new online product that was an incredible experience.  Led by a start-up veteran executive, the team came up with strategic hypotheses, sprinted to test them, got the learning course corrected, and sprinted again to test the next hypothesis.  All of this led to the creation of the service that is now in test market.

Every day was unpredictable and required me to tap into a different skill – customer experience, user experience, media planning, writing website content, designing email campaigns, developing value props, creating content targeting ads, optimizing landing pages, PPC, etc.  I felt like the “MacGyver of Marketing.”  It was awesome!!


What tips would you like to share with our readers who may be considering consultant/project work?

If you are a skilled, flexible, and self-directed marketer, then you should explore consulting.


I’d like to end our conversation with a bit of an off-topic question – if you weren’t in marketing, what other career would have you pursued?

I would be a ski bum or a surgeon with Operation Smile. Or maybe both–a surgeon with Operation Smile and a ski bum on the side.  Clearly, marketers have diverse interests.


We are proud to have Linda as a member of the McKinley network.



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