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September 05, 2013 |

McKinley Marketing Partners would like to introduce you to Scott, a McKinley Interim Marketing Manager.  Scott is a market researcher who specializes in providing consumer insights research for clients helping them make a real difference in the marketplace.  We know our clients are impressed by Scott’s market research skills because they ask for him specifically.  This is why we have chosen him as our Featured IMM℠ for the month.

We interviewed Scott to learn about his marketing skills and his experiences working with McKinley.

Describe yourself in three adjectives.    

Inquisitive, creative and analytical.

As a market researcher, what is your favorite form of research: surveys or focus groups?  What techniques obtain the best results for clients?

When you go a restaurant do you want the server to explain the process they went through to prepare and cook the meal or do you just want to know that the meal tastes good, satisfied your appetite, and was prepared according to industry standards?  It’s the same way in research.  Rather than focus on the technique or methodology (how the meal is prepared), I prefer to focus on the insights and the marketing questions it answers (how the food tastes and how well it satisfies the appetite).  I make sure this is accomplished according to industry standards.

With that said, I lean toward enjoying my meal being cooked with focus groups rather than surveys, but if surveys are needed I can cook up a good one!

What makes your most recent project stand out from your previous work?

In my previous work with McKinley I had a very specific project and team with whom I worked.  I developed a research program and worked with the team to carry it out in multiple phases.  This current assignment covers a lot more areas and is more of a consultative and project management role.  It’s neither better nor worse – just different and that is refreshing.     

You have authored a few articles about market research, which article would you like to share with our readers?

I would like to share the article, Facebook as an Alternative Online Qualitative Platform (see page 48) from QRCA VIEWS magazine.  It’s a bit dated, but the implications are still applicable.

If you weren’t in marketing, what other career would have you pursued?

I’d most likely be a teacher.  I currently teach college classes on the side. I also find that I enjoy mentoring some of the younger marketing researchers I have worked with in the past.



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