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May 29, 2014 |

McKinley Marketing Partners would like to introduce you to David, an Interim Marketing Manager℠ (IMM℠) and communications and knowledge management specialist with over 20 years of experience. We  interviewed David to learn more about his diverse career and most recent project work.


You began your career working in the association industry and then worked at a Fortune 500 company.  How have your past work experiences helped you to become a successful marketing consultant?

My background in trade associations and the corporate sector gives me a broader perspective than either alone.  I’m able to blend experiences that range from small staff and membership associations, in which relationships are foremost, to global corporations where, in order to be successful, I needed to be an internal consultant.   It was important to be able to explain how my marketing and knowledge management skills could be used to help enable success in a project.  I had to make the case as to how I could help solve business problems for internal clients.  Conveying the business value of my skills and abilities has been critical to my success as a marketing consultant.


Tell us about your most recent client project and what makes it stand out from your previous work.

The project required me to conduct research to help the client develop a portal for a branch of the United States military financial asset and accounting management system.  I was part of the team that developed content in accordance with the government’s requirements and also gathered online community and Web analytics applications information.


Since you have been a consultant for some time now, what advice do you have for others that are considering consulting work?

Find a unique capability or skill that sets you apart and about which you can be passionate.  You’ve got to be passionate about what you do to get others excited from the first time you talk with them.


If you weren’t in marketing, what other career would have you pursued?

I would have been a photographer.  I’ve been making photos since I was a boy, and was an award winning photojournalist in the Army.  I had a side business that wasn’t successful and learned many lessons from that experience I’m now using as I build my consulting practice.




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