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June 16, 2014 |

McKinley Marketing Partners would like to introduce you to Interim Marketing Manager℠, Chad. Chad is a project manager with experience delivering products and services to fulfill enterprise and consumer needs by leveraging internet and mobile communications technologies. We interviewed Chad to learn more about how project management works in the digital marketing space.

Can you describe your most recent success story?

For a large non-profit client, I launched two new partnerships to embed additional benefits into the client’s membership program and to extend membership registration to a key partner’s consumer portal.  I was able to jump in, wrangle a complex, cross-functional team, and deliver both programs on time and on budget.

What digital marketing/project management tips do you have for other marketers?

Pay attention to your portfolio, especially in the digital space.  New technologies and tools emerge with increasing frequency.  It’s impossible to cover them all, but do what you can to experience many different kinds of projects.  The learning curve can be intimidating, but, in general, good marketing and project management skills will extend to other disciplines and platforms.  The value of diverse experiences will improve your work and give you additional perspectives as you move forward with future projects.

What one skill does a project manager need to succeed?

Projects are increasingly complex and demand an even greater deal of scrutiny from managers. A project manager must be sure that all business needs are defined and documented, that all potential business and customer impacts have been assessed, and that the right people with the right skills are in place and have what they need to deliver.

To do this well, I think project managers have to be master organizers and aggregators of information. This allows them to isolate problem areas and to proactively mitigate risk and prevent problems from occurring.

Tell us about your mobile development experience. What common mistake have you seen companies make when developing mobile marketing strategies/applications?

The most common mistake I’ve seen is taking on too much scope for the first release. Successful companies in this space develop a firm understanding of what sets of features comprise a minimum viable product.  Once the baseline functions and features are in place, it’s important to follow up with timely enhancements and additions to features based upon a product road map, additional business needs or opportunities, and customer feedback.

How long have you been a marketing consultant and what driving force persuaded you to become a consultant?

I have been a marketing consultant for about six months and have been pleased with the transition into this role.  In previous positions, I had started to feel stale and that I was not getting a variety of projects and clients. Thus far, marketing consulting has presented exciting opportunities for me to brush up on old skills and to acquire new ones, all while providing me with a range of new challenges and opportunities.



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