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August 20, 2014 |

McKinley Marketing Partners would like to introduce you to Eric, an Interim Marketing Manager℠ (IMM℠) and Web analytics manager.  Eric has been a consultant for over five years and recently finished a long-term project with one of our clients in the telecommunications industry.  We caught up with Eric to learn more about his latest project work and analytics expertise.

Please briefly describe your most recent success story/project.

I served as the key digital marketing analyst at a telecommunications company for over two years.  My main responsibility was to report and present Web traffic and successful conversions to the online marketing and small business units.  We created specialized daily and weekly reports using the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform.

Which website metrics should every marketer be tracking?

Every marketer should be tracking visits/sessions. These are useful in gaining website traffic insights that are not as susceptible to browser privacy measures, or identifying when a site has noticeable gaps in its tag management system.  It is also important to determine a conversion metric for your customer base or a marketing campaign and track its performance. For example, the goal could be as simple as a shopping cart add or viewing a particular news article. More complex reports might look like an eight-step funnel, tracking multiple key conversions/actions, and a complete user path from entry point to site exit that is clearly laid out for the marketer to see.

What is your favorite analytics software tool?

I have worked with Adobe’s family of Web Analytics tools, such as Site Catalyst and Ad Hoc/Discover, on a daily basis for over six years. I feel most comfortable with these products.

Which Web analytics trends should we expect to see in 2014?

We will see mobile Web traffic analytics from smartphones, tablets, and apps increase against traditional desktop clicks.  There are different strategies and challenges in the measurement of a consumer’s mobile behavior.  Thus, new vendors are forming to create Web measurement tools for mobile, video, and other engagement options.  There is no longer one source for a company’s Web analytics.  Combining all tagged elements and tracking into a concise view will be vital for decision making.



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