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October 01, 2014 |

McKinley Marketing Partners would like to introduce you to our Interim Marketing Manager℠, Jennifer. On her current McKinley project, Jennifer provides functional testing for digital marketing campaigns as a marketing operations consultant.  She executes A/B tests for website designs, experimenting with two variants (A and B) and comparing which generates the best results.  We interviewed Jennifer to learn more about A/B testing and her experiences as a consultant.

On your current project, you support the execution of website A/B testing on desktop, mobile, and tablet applications.  From your experience, what value does A/B testing bring to websites?

A/B testing provides the opportunity to experiment with different ways to promote your product.  My current work environment is very creative, and our team is always eager to bring in ideas for new tests. Even when a test doesn’t win, the marketing team can take the findings from that test and apply them to their upcoming promotions.

Can you share an example of an A/B testing result that was particularly interesting?  (Where the result wasn’t quite what you had expected.) 

We had a creative test to make a landing page design more tablet-friendly.  The results were basically flat with the control design, but we did see a lift in tablet-specific products on the page.  Therefore, we were able to roll out with the test creative to increase revenue for tablet products. 

Marketing operations teams are becoming increasingly important in the execution of online marketing programs. How do you think marketing operation teams will evolve over time? 

My career started in print production, producing promotional materials and subscription mail components for print publications.  Marketing operations is essentially the 21st century digital equivalent of a print production department.  While the medium has changed, the process has really stayed the same: you support the marketing team to get all the assets for their projects produced and deployed as efficiently as possible.

Which skills are most valued/desired on a marketing operations team?

Meticulous attention to detail that is the single most important skill.  You need to understand every aspect of the project: from the offer, to the schedule, to the campaign codes and the landing pages.  You should know how the asset is supposed to work, and be sure to test both before launch and after to make sure the user experience intended is working correctly.  You should also be able to alert the appropriate teams if anything is out of place.  Organization is another valued skill.  Our group has multiple projects going on at once, and it is important not to let anything fall behind. 

What tips would you like to share with our readers who may be considering consultant/project work?

I would definitely recommend consulting for the experience.  If you are like me, and you came from a print or magazine background and need that digital experience, it is a great way to take what you have and apply your skills to a constantly-changing medium.


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