Michelle Boggs Featured in AMA’s Marketing News Magazine

April 10, 2015 |

Michelle Boggs — McKinley Marketing Partners’ Cofounder, President, and CEO — has contributed an article to the American Marketing Association’s magazine, Marketing News. Read an excerpt below:

Behind every great marketing campaign is a team of talented marketing professionals, so it’s no surprise that projected hiring needs are, in turn, reliable indicators of future marketing trends. But as the pace of digital marketing accelerates, how are hiring managers optimizing their teams and aggregating the range of skills necessary to market  to an increasingly savvy audience?  

To answer that question, McKinley Marketing Partners surveyed more than 100 marketers, including C-level executives, vice presidents, directors and managers, who are looking to hire the next batch of marketing professionals. Here’s what we found:

 To read her insights on 2015 marketing and hiring trends, visit the AMA website.



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