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The Most In-Demand Marketing Areas of Expertise by Employers

Most marketing leaders expect to expand their teams this year, with digital talent being the most in demand, according to recent research from McKinley Marketing Partners.

MarketingProfs/May 17, 2018

Email Hiring Is On The Upswing: Report

Hiring for email specialists is 40% above average. That makes it third only to digital advertising, which is 45% above the norm, and content creation and curation, which is at 42%, the study notes.

MediaPost/May 17, 2018

Marketers Expect to Grow Their Teams in 2018: Study

The number of marketing leaders in the U.S. who anticipate growing their teams this year has spiked to 69%, up from 25% last year, according to a recent trends report by McKinley Marketing Partners.

Strategy/Apr. 24, 2018

It’s Not Just You—Attracting Qualified Marketing Talent Is Getting Harder

Demand for marketing talent in the last year has greatly outpaced supply, a new report released by McKinley Marketing Partners today finds. “There are more open positions than qualified marketers to fill them,” said Michelle Boggs, McKinley Marketing Partners president and CEO. “This is true across industries, and we can see it specifically in marketing hires.”

AList/Apr. 17, 2018

Digital Marketing Skills You Need if You Want a Bigger Salary : 2017 Report

Evolving customer expectations and fast-paced market environment set the bar high for business owners. To stay competitive they need to reach their audience via all the possible communication channels with the right content and just at the right time. Thus, more businesses prioritize marketing efforts, investing in versatile and innovative marketing strategies.

Mogul/Nov. 27, 2017

Digital and Creative Demand May Not Match Supply

Marketers are expressing a high demand for digital and creative talent within their organizations as they plan to grow their teams, but that demand might be higher than the talent available to fill those positions. Recruitment firm McKinley Marketing Partners surveyed 314 marketing professionals in the U.S. across a range of experience levels and roles within the marketing and advertising industry.

Strategy Online/Oct. 24, 2017

Why Does Everyone Want a Career in Digital Marketing?

Let’s face it. If there is one job which is hugely popular, is very well paid, provides the perfect work life balance and has good future, everyone for sure will want a career in that. Digital Marketing is the in demand job right now not only in the world but in India too. With its striking features like cost effectiveness, instant response, convenience and effectiveness, digital marketing is making a strong impression in the world of marketing.

SmartSocialBrand/Sep. 1, 2017

How to Ask Your Marketing Manager for a Raise

Nothing looks better on a resume than a wide range of skills, and it’s likely your boss won’t object to you learning new competencies that will help your company. This year, marketers with digital skills are considered the most in-demand by employers, according to research from McKinley Marketing Partners.The following graphic sums up findings from the report.

Digital Marketing Institute/Aug. 12, 2017

Report Says Marketing Hiring Will Increase This Year

Digital marketing is on the rise in recent years, so it makes sense that marketing professionals will be increasingly in demand in the near future. And McKinley Marketing Partners recently provided evidence of this when it released the 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends Report. The findings are based on the company’s survey of 314 marketers, and they offer encouraging information, like the fact that hiring in this industry rose by 19 percent from 2015 to 2016. Want more reasons to love the fact that you’re in marketing? Check out what else McKinley Marketing Partners’ report found.

TalentCulture/Jul. 21, 2017

The Most In-Demand Marketing Skills In 2017

In 2017, marketers with digital skills, especially those with digital advertising and content expertise, are the most in demand by employers, according to research from McKinley Marketing Partners. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in November and December 2016 among 314 marketing professionals who work in a wide range of industries.

GPD Consulting/Jun. 10, 2017

2017 Marketing Hiring Trends: Factors Shaping Demand for Marketing Talent

Demand remains strong for digital marketers though the supply of candidates will be tight. The proliferation of digital tools, social media, and mobile have created a world of two-way communication with buyers that’s here to stay. To keep up, companies are seeking out marketers with digital expertise at an increasing rate, according to a recent study from McKinley Marketing Partners.

Smart Insights/May 17, 2017

This Week in Content Marketing: This Old Marketing Podcast, Episode 180: The Bull Market in Marketing is just Beginning

In this episode, we discuss Google’s move to insert ad blocking features into the Chrome web experience, and what it might mean for the future of marketing and advertising. We also dig into some new research on the high demand for marketing skills, and explore executives’ love of long-form content. Our rants and raves cover content workflows and mission statements; then we wrap up with a content marketing gem from the early 20th century.

Content Marketing Institute/Apr. 29, 2017

Chart of the Day: Digital Advertising, Content Marketing and Social Media are the Most Sought After Skills in 2017 

Research by McKinley Marketing Partners highlights the wide range of skills digital marketing teams need in 2017, varying from SEO and project management to Email and Analytics. There are a few front runners for being the most in demand skills for businesses in the USA.

Smart Insights/Apr. 21, 2017

The Most In-Demand Marketing Skills in 2017 

In 2017, marketers with digital skills, especially those with digital advertising and content expertise, are the most in demand by employers, according to research from McKinley Marketing Partners. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in November and December 2016 among 314 marketing professionals who work in a wide range of industries.

MarketingProfs/Apr. 17, 2017

Demand for Digital Marketers “Starts to Outstrip Supply” 

Demand for digital marketers and content curators is now exceeding supply, according to new research. The study, from McKinley Marketing Partners, indicates that digital marketing jobs are the most in demand for marketing departments, while advertising and content rank as the most sought after skills.

Netimperative/Apr. 10, 2017

Report: Marketing Hires Are on the Rise 

A new McKinley Marketing Partners report shows that digital marketing hires are on the rise. It also reveals that a majority of job seekers are open to the idea of working for nonprofits but are concerned about lower salaries. The evolution of digital marketing tools hasn’t eliminated the need for marketers. It’s actually heightened the demand for talented marketers, according to McKinley Marketing Partners’ 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends Report.

Associations Now/Apr. 4, 2017

Steady Marketing Hiring Growth Expected This Year: Digital Marketers Are Still Highest in Demand—But in Short Supply

McKinley Marketing Partners has released its annual Marketing Hiring Trends report for 2017, revealing that digital marketers remain highest in demand—but surprisingly, the search for them will be tough. The study polled over 300 directors, vice presidents and C-level marketing execs, as well as hiring managers and others in the position to make decisions about marketing talent for their 2016 hiring decisions and projected hiring needs for 2017.

Bulldog Reporter/Apr. 3, 2017

Hiring for Marketing Professionals to Increase

Marketing hiring growth continues to increase this year following year-over-year growth of 19% in 2016, according to a study released by McKinley Marketing Partners. Hiring managers planning to hire more marketers jumped to 44% this year from 28% in the 2016 survey. Almost half of hiring managers, 49%, will hire to fill vacant positions or to redistribute responsibilities; 7% expect smaller marketing teams.

Staffing Industry Analysts/Mar. 31, 2017

Digital marketers and content creators are in high demand reflecting an industry in change

Digital marketing experts are now the most sought after hires, according to a new report from McKinley Marketing Partners. The study surveyed over 300 marketing directors, managers, consultants and C-level executives to discuss hiring trends within marketing departments.

mobyaffiliates/Mar. 31, 2017

Study: Digital Marketers, Advertising Will Shape Hiring Trends in 2017

Marketing hiring continues to grow, but hiring is inconsistent across marketing functions, with a growing talent gap that will leave marketers hunting for top-level capabilities. A thorough understanding of hiring needs as well as the factors that motivate candidates will shape hiring in 2017. To that end, for the first time, the study included marketers without direct influence on hiring in order to understand issues and trends important to marketers’ careers.

MarketingDIVE/Mar. 29, 2017

Demand for Digital Marketers and Content Curators Exceeds Supply in 2017

Digital marketing jobs are the most in demand for marketing departments, while advertising and content rank as the most sought after skills, according to a recent hiring report which discovered that the need for marketing talent exceeds the supply with mid-level marketers the most in demand.

The Drum/Mar. 28, 2017

Local Business Named to Inc.’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies

Small business magazine Inc. named 16 Alexandria businesses among its list of the country’s fastest-growing companies Tuesday.

Alexandria Times/Aug. 25, 2016

2016 Marketing Hiring Trends- Digital Jobs Continue Strong Growth

We hear from plenty of thought leaders that we are now in a ‘post-digital’ age, that we shouldn’t be siloing digital and so digital is a pointless term. Whilst we agree digital should permeate the entire organisation and marketing department, rather than being a ‘silo’, that doesn’t mean the word digital is irrelevant. In fact, specifically digital skills are in demand like never before, and this is highly apparent in the latest hiring trends.

Smart Insights/May 23, 2016

Marketing Hiring Trends for 2016

Which areas of expertise and which skill sets are most in demand by employers looking to make marketing hires this year?
To find out, McKinley Marketing Partners surveyed 186 professionals who work in a marketing function or have influence in selecting candidates for marketing positions. Respondents came from a wide range of industries and company sizes.

MarketingProfs/Apr. 13, 2016

Hiring Trends for the Year Ahead

Behind every great marketing campaign is a team of talented marketing professionals, so it’s no surprise that projected hiring needs are, in turn, reliable indicators of future marketing trends. But as the pace of digital marketing accelerates, how are hiring managers optimizing their teams and aggregating the range of skills necessary to market to an increasingly savvy audience?

AMA Marketing News Magazine/Apr. 2015