How We Recruit

McKinley Marketing Partners recruits, selects, and represents only the most experienced and talented professionals available. All candidates are put through an extensive pre-qualification, pre-screening, and reference checking process to ensure they meet McKinley’s — and its clients’ — highest standards.

The number one recruiting source is referrals from other professionals that work with McKinley.

Take a look into the proven recruiting process that has allowed McKinley to provide qualified marketing and creative resources time and time again.

Record Review

Each and every applicant record is reviewed by a recruiting team member.

Phone Screen

A phone screen is conducted to gain insight into the applicant’s experience and capabilities.


An in-person interview is scheduled with McKinley’s team to get a more detailed perspective of the applicant’s background and experience.

Reference Checks

Managerial and client reference checks are completed for each candidate prior to placement.

Background Checks

Background/educational verifications are completed per client request.