How We Work with you

McKinley works with you to find the perfect resource for your team – for however long they are needed. With a dedicated McKinley team member working to support your needs and a talented “bench” of vetted marketing and creative talent at-the-ready, we can quickly provide professionals who match our clients’ marketing and creative needs and company culture.  If a qualified candidate is available, the turnaround time can be 24 hours or less. Visit our success stories page for more details about the talent network we have built.

After submitting your request for a professional resource, here is what you can expect to happen next:

Identify Needs

McKinley works with you to understand your expectations and needs.

Search for Talent

Based on key qualification criteria McKinley generates a list of qualified candidates.

Submit Resumes

Detailed background information for qualified candidates is then sent to you.

Conduct Interviews

McKinley arranges all of your in-person and phone interviews with our marketing and creative talent.

Onboard Consultants

McKinley handles the on-boarding process, and manages contracts and the required paperwork.

Quality Assurance

McKinley’s team members perform ongoing checks with clients and consultants to ensure satisfaction.

Request a Consultant