Marketing Services Today: Out with the Outbound, In with the Inbound

Sarapul As economic conditions continue to head in the wrong direction, businesses across the globe are adapting to avoid getting caught up in the whirlwind. What exactly are the new marketing services being used by marketers to lower costs and increase effectiveness? Traditional methods of marketing are based upon the principle of finding your customers through the use of uninvited tactics such as television and print advertising, and direct mail. Let’s be clear, these outbound marketing methods still have value on a controlled basis; however, fewer companies are receiving the return on investment from these efforts they so desperately need.

Marketing in today’s world is centered on turning the customer into a focused shopper, who actively seeks your services. By generating new digital content, such as videos, blog entries, and photos that are relevant to your industry or product, customers will begin to call you asking for your services. Inbound marketing focuses on turning your company into a valuable resource for your targeted customer demographic.

Another benefit of inbound marketing is its cost effectiveness.  Instead of spending large sums of money on only traditional advertising, you can compliment your marketing resources with inbound tools at almost no costs. Here’s how:

  1. Starting a blog is free
  2. Creating a Facebook account is free
  3. Placing videos on is free
  4. Joining LinkedIn is free
  5. Tweeting is free (for now)

The list goes on….

While it is a large (and time consuming) undertaking to get these things started, there are plenty of internet marketing consultants out there who know how to begin the process for you and monitor its effectiveness throughout its existence.

Outbound marketing still provides value; however make sure you are staying up to date with business and marketing trends. Inbound marketing can provide you an inexpensive and focused avenue to generate new business for your company.

Maybe some of you could share your experience with these different marketing services.  Is outbound doomed or just in a transition?  Or is inbound just a passing phase?

by McKinley Marketing Partners