Could a Marketing Consultant Help Your Company do “THINGS” Better?

Wunstorf Following our last post, I got an idea which seemed like a stroke of genius. I’ll write a blog post that precisely explains how marketing consultants can help companies do “THINGS” better. Everybody will read it. Everybody will love it. Everybody will realize they need to complement their current efforts with a marketing consultant.

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As I sat down to think of what those specific “THINGS” might be, I realized there was not one exact list of “THINGS” that every business needed. Different companies have different methods and different problems. It’s not logical to put everyone in the same box and say “you need this” or “you can’t possibly run a company without this.” I would suppose that the Mom and Pop shop down the street has very different issues than a large publicly traded company.

What I did discover is that, often times, identifying what those “THINGS” are can prove to be a challenge. Organizations are ever changing, and subsequently these “THINGS” may change as well. As mentioned previously in our “Who Needs Marketing Services? Everybody” post, many companies and organizations don’t take the time to regularly analyze their strengths and weaknesses, or at least give it a thorough look. The good news is that McKinley Marketing Partners is trying to make this an easier task to complete on a recurring basis.

At the end of this post you will find McKinley’s Marketing Checklist Form. We divided marketing specialties into five different categories, which makes looking at your overall marketing strategy seem a little less daunting. If you simply fill in the check list with either Excellent, Average, Needs Help, or Not Applicable, you should soon have a better handle on your company’s overall marketing landscape.

Having trouble figuring out what it all means? Need help filling in your company’s marketing gaps? Send your sheet to and we will help you with your marketing resources.

by McKinley Marketing Partners