Who needs marketing services? Everybody.

Barberton It happens to even the most successful people, companies, and organizations.  The skilled and knowledgeable commonly neglect their own needs to focus on providing their expertise for others.

Nagoya Working in the marketing consulting industry, consultants, by default, are always on my mind.  So I got to thinking about how marketing trends today are ever changing, can be complicated, and very specialized.  Keeping up with these trends is a daunting task for any marketing department.  Sometimes you might not have the marketing resources or simply the time to keep up with the latest and greatest.

So, what does any good marketer do?  They look for help. Throughout my career, it seems that the best marketers are the ones who step back, take an objective look at their department, and find ways to make improvements, taking it the next level.

You can hire a consultant to come in and actually do the work or hire someone to teach you.  In my opinion, companies that look outside to marketing consultants for help on the inside, are the ones able to keep up with trends and continue to see growth year after year.  McKinley lives by this motto, as we recently entered into marketing partnerships with two Marketing Managers, Ronan Keane of UpClick Marketing and Colleen Sutton of Red Jacket Communications.  Ronan is teaching us about search engine marketing and Colleen is helping us with our public relations efforts.

While this isn’t universally applicable, try to stop and think: “Am I practicing what I preach?” You may be surprised what you find out.

by McKinley Marketing Partners