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Allocating Your Marketing Resources: 6 Ways To Reduce Your Marketing Spending

Marketing during a recession can be extremely fruitful if you have the time and resources to do it.  It has been proven throughout history that companies who continue to spend marketing dollars during a recession come out on top when the economy begins to stabilize.  However, some marketing folks are still getting pressure to cut marketing initiatives.  While this could set your company back in the long term, sometimes there is no way around it.  The solution is to think smarter about your investments.  Think about areas where you could cut back on, but still have reasonable, measurable results.  Below are 6 ways to reduce your marketing spending without hurting your company in the long run.

buy Lyrica tablets Set Up A Blog

  • A blog can suffice as a corporate newsletter.  Don’t spend the time, energy, or the resources to produce a costly newsletter.  A blog allows you to communicate with your consumers daily without the overhead costs.

e53d20c0af7ba0aae15262777446ff73 Use Online Resources Whenever Applicable

  • Send invitations to events or meetings through electronic mediums.  There are many software programs out there that allow you to send, track, and measure your invitations.  Evite, Cvent, and Constant Contact just to name a few.  You can hold your events online through the use of webinars.  Most software companies will offer discounted prices and costs can be based on the number of attendees.

buy accutane online usa Encourage Your Employees To Network Through Social Media

  • While nothing can replace conventional business practices, social media can supplement existing business relationships or help evolve new ones.  Encourage your staff to become active on LinkedIn and join industry groups.

buy generic Misoprostol without perscription Reduce Your Spend On Promotional Items

  • Depending on your company, discretionary spending can put a huge dent in your marketing budget.  Consider reducing these costs and allocate that money towards a search engine optimization consultant.  A SEO consultant will help your company show up organically on search engines, ultimately driving more traffic, and ultimately driving more sales.

Develop Thought-Provoking And Well-Written Content For Your Site

  • There is nothing worse than wasting your marketing dollars on an unsuccessful online campaign.  A SEO consultant can only do so much to drive traffic to your website; if your website is outdated and does not intrigue visitors, they will never stick.  To think smarter, you need to be constantly tweaking your site to convert visitors.  By doing this you can save countless dollars by avoiding unnecessary future futile efforts.

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by McKinley Marketing Partners