The New Generation of Marketing Professionals

The Marketing News magazine from AMA came last week and the cover story intrigued me immediately.  The headline read “The Renaissance Marketer: Transforming your Career into a Work of Art.”  Being a marketer and having a creative side, I dove right in.

The article talks about a new generation of marketers, stating “a Renaissance marketer is an accomplished and versatile leader, expert in several areas of marketing, adept at new marketing technology, and capable of speaking with CEOs and CFOs in terms they can understand and appreciate.”1

Chris Nadherny, senior director and partner at Spencer Stuart, Inc. says, “more marketers today are taking charge of their career by learning to deal with big and small budgets, traditional and online strategies and tactics, the creative and the analytics, and the overall mix and the bottom line.”1

Handling all of these facets might seem like a tall order to some, but to most it is necessary for survival.  With today’s economic climate combined with the new advancements in technology, marketers have to adapt and update their skill sets to become successful. These types of marketers are vital to every organization, big or small.

This is not something that happens over night, it can take an entire career to achieve the goal of becoming a renaissance marketer.  Anyone aspiring to become one has to make a conscious decision to become a well-rounded marketing professional.  They need to work in multiple industries, develop sales and marketing experience, survive change with a smile on your face, take constructive criticism and turn it into opportunity, and most of all be a team player.

This biggest lesson to learn from this article can be summed up in one word: experience.  Do not be afraid to challenge yourself and seek new experiences that will make you more valuable and most importantly, more desirable to future employers.

What do you think?

1 The Renaissance Marketer: Transforming your Career into a Work of Art. Marketing News: 2009;11-15.

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by McKinley Marketing Partners