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Top Marketing Resources for Industry Trends and News

Every Friday morning at 10:30 Kelly and I get together for our weekly SEO/Social Media huddle. We review our Google Analytics reports, update our social media calendar, discuss upcoming blogging topics, and adapt our social media strategy depending on current news. The conversation often times swings off topic, with an occasional break for “Hey did you see this You Tube video?” or “I found this great article/website.” Sometimes there is an overlap in what we have found, but generally we expose each other to articles/videos/websites that are completely new to the other person, and are top marketing resources.

What Kelly and I realized is that while we both work hard to keep our ear to the ground for marketing news/trends, we use completely different resources to do so. Every person has their favorite spots where they routinely turn to stay updated on their interests. We thought it might help if we shared our favorite resources.

Kelly’s Top Marketing Resources

1) Google Alerts – I set up Google Alerts with various industry blogs. I love this one-stop shop option because it allows me to read everything quickly and in one organized place. I also set up Google alerts that alert me when someone mentions McKinley in the blogosphere.

2) Newspapers and Magazines – Call me old fashioned, but I love sitting down to read newspapers and magazines. This is where I find some of the best stories.

3) LinkedIn I belong to a few groups on LinkedIn. I like to see what other people in the industry are talking about. It gives me inspiration and motivation to stay ahead of the curve.

Marty’s Top Marketing Resources

1) Digg.com – A great resource for world news, business, entertainment, and unique stories. Users of the site “Digg” articles/videos/pictures they like, with the most popular, and generally the most informative resources gravitating to the top of the rankings.

2) CNNMoney.com – A reliable source for breaking business news. Offers analysis on technology and the economy, giving a great foundation for knowledge of the current market conditions, something that is crucial for marketers to understand.

3) Fellow Marketing Bloggers – Want a good way to keep up with trends? Identify who the most credible members of your industry are, then listen to what they are talking about.

Mutual Resources

1) Hubspot.com – This is our go-to spot for anything SEO. These people are geniuses. They have great ideas, give great advice, and really know what they are talking about.

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