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New Trends in Marketing Budgets

buy Ivermectin uk A new study by StrongMail Systems, Inc. finds that 85% of business executives are hopeful about the future economic state and plan to either maintain or increase the remaining marketing budgets for 2009.

Datong Only 15% of the 979 business executives polled expect to see a decrease in sales in the remainder of the year, a vast difference from Strong Mail Systems’ December 2008 report where 37% expected sales to decrease.  34% of the 979 polled believed customers will spend more, while 19% believe customers will spend around the same.

Marketers are also re-thinking the way to allocate marketing dollars.  81% projected to spend more money on email marketing with goals of increasing email relevancy, growing opt-in lists, and improving personalization and segmentation.  58% of the executives polled plan to invest in social media.  78% of businesses planned to decrease spend in advertising and 58% will cut back on tradeshows.

What do you think?  Sound familiar?  Is this comparable to your marketing budget?

Read more about the 2009 Marketing Trends Survey.

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