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Pen and Paper: A New Sales Approach

Turnhout I recently read Seth Godin’s (author of new book, Tribes) blog post about the “modern talking pad.” He talks about approaching a sales meeting from a different angle.  Instead of putting up a PowerPoint presentation on a white board, he goes into a sales meeting with printed copies of the presentation, a yellow legal pad, and a pen.  He sits down with his prospects and goes through the booklet page by page to write notes based on individual conversations and then leaves it behind.

http://prestamix-france.fr/4970-dtgf96437-chat-gay-bourges.html It wasn’t the most original idea or even the most innovative, but I did love the idea.  It makes perfect sense.  No one likes being talked to, no matter what age.  Not every sales meeting is going to be the same, so why put boundaries on it with a standard presentation?

Think about this the next time you go into a sales meeting.  It might just get you the results you are looking for.

by McKinley Marketing Partners