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The Blog is Back

buy accutane v drugstore Ok, so we admit it.  We haven’t been blogging in awhile.  We haven’t forgotten about it, but just extremely busy.  This summer we (the marketing folks) have been spending our time revamping marketing communications pieces.  We have developed a fact sheet that gives a brief overview of our services, we have written endless case studies to give our clients a better understanding of our capabilities, we have written a few press releases, launched a successful direct mail campaign, developed sales presentations, and entered more leads that you could ever imagine.

Jerantut We’re not here to toot our own horn, but rather explain our absence.  The good news is that we’re back and looking forward to our blog posts.  We have written really thought-provoking and relevant blogs pieces that cover marketing, economic, and industry topics.  We’re even started a twitter account (follow us @mckinleyinc).

Thanks for sticking with us, we really appreciate it.  And as always, we love your feedback.

by McKinley Marketing Partners