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The Changing Landscape of Online Search: What the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Means for SEO

purchase Lyrica canada The recent bid to purchase  Yahoo by Microsoft could result in a 28% combined share of online searches.  As such, this would be the first major threat/competition to Google’s reign of online search domination.  In order to adapt, many companies may have to utilize old tactics, to generate effective search marketing results for the future.

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In the late 1990s, the world of online search was very different than today.  Unlike today’s Google dominated era, the playing field was divided amongst several strong search engines.  Marketers created separate pages optimized for different search engines depending on ranking algorithms, something they may need to adopt in the near future.  While  Bing’s, Microsoft’s new search engine, algorithm is still being tweaked and developed, we do already know two crucial things that marketing departments must take into account:

1. Google’s algorithms give more weight to inbound links, while Bing focuses more on the content or the keywords contained on pages. This means that sites which rely on inbound links for high rankings in Google may see themselves outranked in Bing’s results by keyword rich sites.

2. Bing sometimes shows only five organic results on its first page, after which it groups results into categories.  Currently, position six on Google means users only have to scroll down to see the result, while on Bing users have to click to the second page (resulting in a dramatic fall of impressions and clicks).

Of course, as Yahoo potentially becomes fully integrated into Microsoft, things could dramatically change.  What we do know for sure is that this is a situation that online marketers should monitor closely.


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