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Google Wave – A Glimpse into the Future of Online Communication

conocer gente joven en lebrija If you were like most, you weren’t one of the lucky 100,000 people selected to test Google Wave.  From what I have read so far, it looks like an intriguing tool that could potentially change the way we communicate online.  Seems Google is attempting to incorporate some very cool wiki-style functionalities, conversation playbacks, drag and drop features, web embedding capabilities, and Facebook-like applications into an email/instant message platform.

http://fortemglobal.com/contact-us/ The result of Google’s ambitious project could potentially be something that changes the way we communicate online.  You can bet that businesses everywhere will be monitoring the beta testing to see where advertising and branding opportunities arise.  There will be real-time social media marketing possibilities galore, where companies could join a conversation amongst friends or co-workers.  Online/email marketers should certainly take notice, as the marketing game could be changing in the near future.

Below are some links to in-depth reviews of Goggle Wave that are very helpful in explaining functionalities:





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