Contract Work and Social Media Savvy among Job Market Trends to Watch

If you are currently a job seeker or an over-worked employee in an under-staffed environment, there is reason for optimism according to a new study by CareerBuilder and USA Today.  “For the third consecutive quarter, more hiring managers and human resource professionals are projecting they will increase headcount in the next three months while fewer are expecting staff cuts.”1

If you are looking for a job or in need of additional staff, you might be wondering how you can take advantage of this improving job market to get ahead of the curve.  The survey outlined six trends hiring managers and human resource professionals said they foresee regarding staffing in the second quarter of 2010.  Amongst those were two items that could give someone, or a company, a needed edge: hiring contract workers and hiring for social media.

Ocoee Contract Workers – In the upcoming second quarter, 25 percent of employers expect to hire contract workers or freelancers and 13 percent of them expect to hire them fulltime later on.  Becoming a contractor is great way to become familiar with new companies, update skill sets, and avoid lengthy gaps on resumes.  Contractors are much easier to onboard than full-time employees and, as such, employers often seek out consulting services rather than wait for headcount approval. Social Media Savvy – Its best to become an active member in the social media community, as business have begun to realize its potential to growing business.  According to the study, nearly one-in-ten employers plan to add jobs related to Web 2.0 in the second quarter.  If you happen to already be employed, it will also be beneficial to hone your social media skills, as 13 percent of employers plan to add social media management to current employee responsibilities.

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1 Ferguson, Matt, April 2010, 6 Job Market Trends to Watch,

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