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Google’s New Approach to Advertising

http://thehistoryhacker.com/page/4/ There is a new face in advertising and it’s not who you might think – it’s Google.  In the past, the search engine giant has stayed away from traditional means of advertising, but in the recent months has begun to experiment in ways to market their newer products and services.  When the Super Bowl aired in February, Google aired its first ever TV commercial, highlighting many of the predominant features available on their interface.  More recently they have introduced two online advertisements that have become quite popular on the web.

devouringly One is for Google Chrome.  The second is Google TV.  With this new product, Google plans to develop a universal media hub that will merge the internet with television, allowing consumers to create their own media experiences based on their interests and lifestyles. Even though it is yet to be released, Google has already started to generate online buzz by creating an online video explaining the features and benefits.

Google may be new to the advertising landscape but they seem to be doing it well.  They have taken a simple approach to their method by creating campaigns that are to the point and straight forward.  Is it working? Stay tuned to find out.

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by McKinley Marketing Partners