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How Do You Leverage LinkedIn?


buy provigil cephalon It’s no secret that LinkedIn is growing…and fast. From March to June this year, the online community grew from 60 million users to 70 million users with over 100 million business profiles.  For years, people and businesses have have been using LinkedIn for different reasons – networking, business development, job hunting, recruiting, staying in touch, and keeping an updated resume.  McKinley Marketing Partners is no different.  We use it for our recruiting and business development efforts on a daily basis.  In honor of LinkedIn, Hubspot has put together some facts and statistics about how the tool is used.

My favorites include:

  1. Every second a new LinkedIn profile is created.
  2. 50% of users are decision makers within their companies.
  3. 450 million pages are viewed each week.

Read more about Hubspot’s Lowdown on LinkedIn.

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