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Do Social Media Audiences Differ?


http://soundchoir.com/sound-blog/ According to ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS research series, they do.  The third report in this series, “The Social Profile”, highlights 12 different online personas that consumers take on when they interact online.  The report uses psychographic characteristics to determine who the personas are and how to communicate with them. Personas vary by age group and interact with brands within several media channels to accomplish different things. For example, “Inner Circle” personas are heavy Facebook users who use the social networking site to stay connected to family members. They’re not interested in interacting with brands/companies online.  On the other end of the spectrum are “Deal Seeker” personas who use all online channels to seek information about brands. On average, they follow 10 brands/companies on Facebook and Twitter and receive over 14 permission-based promotional emails per day.

After reading through the study, a few generalizations can be made:

  1. Email marketing messages resonate with just about everyone.
  2. Facebook fan pages are mostly used by a younger generation who want the ability to make their brand opinions known publicly.
  3. Twitter users represent those that want to be in the know as things happen; they are particularly interested in new brand initiatives or special offers.
  4. All social media outlets are not necessarily used exclusively; consumers will pick and choose which combination of social media outlets works best for them.  For example, “Business First” personas rely heavily on email to stay up-to-date with current trends in their industry. They are also very active on Twitter, having three times as many followers as the average consumer.
  5. A consumer can associate with more than one persona. Those surveyed cited they could identify themselves with as many as 3 of the 12 personas.

Read more about these personas to help you develop messaging for your next campaign.

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