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Could New Facebook Groups Have Social Media Marketing Implications?

Nalhāti Paraty  

Earlier this month at a live press conference, Facebook unveiled some of its newest innovations, including the new Groups feature.  Not to be confused with public groups, the new Groups feature is primarily for individuals to segment their list of friends so that they can share unique information within the different groups.  Hubspot helps us understand the features of the new Groups pages and Duct Tape Marketing’s blog helps us better understand the business implications.

Key features and their implications:

1.       A Facebook user can create as many groups as they want, segmenting their larger friends list into family, friends, and classmates to maintain separate communication with each specific group.  Facebook specified that the feature was for personal use as opposed to business use, but marketers could take advantage as well by segmenting groups by customers, employees, or partner companies to send out different communications.

2.       There is also group chat feature.  Much like a chat room, you can now have a conversation within your group instead of one-on-one.  This will give marketers a useful tool to reach a large pool of customers and to expand social media effectiveness and presence.

3.       Group members can also send Facebook messages to everyone else in a group.  Creating an email blast with new company information or special deals to group members could significantly boost brand presence for a company.  Additionally, this feature can be turned off, which makes it easy to control spamming.

Do you think you could put these new features to use in your marketing/social media plans?

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