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Ad Tweets, Coming To Your Twitter Feed Soon

buy Lyrica from canada twitter advertisementsAdAge announced this month that individuals who access their twitter accounts through HootSuite have begun to get paid targeted advertising directly to their twitter streams. Twitter is rolling out this concept on a smaller scale at first but does plan on expanding to their entire Twittersphere if all goes well.

buy modalert online canada Ads are targeted to users based on the types of people/products they follow or talk about frequently. For example, if someone is constantly tweeting about the entertainment business, they could expect to see paid advertisements about new movie releases.

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes believes that because of Twitter’s dedication to quality user experience and ad relevance, these new types of tweets will be well received.  On the other hand, issues could arise because advertising within users’ personally designed space could disrupt or negatively impact the twitter experience.  Twitter prides itself on trying to maintain a positive experience for all users, but could this new initiative throw things off?

What do you think?  Would you be interested in ads if they were well targeted? Or would you rather not have your twitter feed be cluttered with product and service ads?

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