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Capitalizing on Google Places Pages

where to buy clomid safely online Google Places, essentially free online yellow pages, can be turned into an effective marketing tool in a few easy steps because it offers more personalization options than most businesses realize.  Jay Ehret of The Marketing Spot offers a detailed tutorial video and some great information on how to best maximize the marketing potential of your Google Places page.

  1. Set up your page – It’s quick, easy and painless. You just need a Google account.
  2. Get customer reviews – Email the page to some of your loyal customers and ask them to write a review to get some credibility for your page and your business.
  3. Create current content – There is an area that allows for a 160 character post, similar to a tweet, which can be updated and used to let visitors know the latest with the company’s current events and news.
  4. Add photos and videos – Allows you to build brand awareness and also add a personal touch to the page.  You can use this feature to introduce employees, showcase products and services, or add corporate videos/video advertisements.
by McKinley Marketing Partners