Is an interim position right for you? Q&A with a McKinley Marketing Partners consultant – Part 1

With the recent drop in unemployment and the rise in interim positions, we asked some of our Interim Marketing ManagersSM (IMMsSM), including Jon Rochetti, what they like most about working as an IMM with McKinley Marketing Partners.

Here are some of Jon’s responses as to why he became an IMM and what sets McKinley apart from other interim placement firms.

How did you find out about McKinley?
I was initially a client of McKinley (about 15 years ago) when I hired several IMMs for different marketing, product development and research projects while I was a VP of Marketing for a large telecom. The company was in massive growth mode and we needed interim help. Each IMM exceeded my needs so I eventually engaged several McKinley IMMs over a couple years. What was your first impression of McKinley?
The IMMs McKinley presented were always of the highest caliber, with both deep and wide experience that fit the organization’s needs exceptionally well. Their ramp up time was miniscule and their impact was immediate. What made you want to work as an Interim Marketing Manager?
I enjoy new challenges, problem solving and the ability to use my 20+ years of experience to be dropped into a situation where getting up to speed and having an immediate impact is critical. Being an IMM also allows me to work with a wide range of companies and markets, in all stages of lifecycles, from global market leaders to developing start-ups. The work ranges from high-level strategic planning projects, such as developing a global 18-month marketing plan, tackling a specific problem, launching a new product or market, or simply filling in for key personnel. What are the best aspects of interim work?
I enjoy the varied work and the understanding that at the end of the day, you have assisted the client in their most pressing needs.

How is the typical length of your assignments?
Assignment length varies dramatically. I have had assignments that ranged from a few months to over 2 years. Most of my assignments have lasted at least 6 months.

Did you ever work with another interim staffing firm? If so, what makes McKinley different?
Yes, but it was not a good experience. They seemed only interested in placing someone quickly, and not paying too much concern on matching my skills to the needs of the company.

Next week, Jon tells us what he does to keep himself marketable in the current work environment.

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