Is an interim position right for you? Q&A with a McKinley Marketing Partners consultant – Part 2

bai ling sex Last week we shared Jon Rochetti’s take on what sets McKinley Marketing Partners apart from other interim firms and why he decided to start working in interim positions in the first place.RochettiJon

This week, Jon discusses what he thinks about the current work environment and how he keeps his skills current. Jon’s answers in Part 1 and 2 might offer insight into whether or not interim work is right for you.

Geita Has the economy affected your decision to work with McKinley or in interim positions?
No, I have been working as a consultant and in interim positions for going on 10 years. Over that period there have been both economic booms and busts; all that create the need for quality IMMs and project work.

order Lyrica online What trends do you see in the marketing/communication industry?
Marketing and communications is a continually evolving field with the development of new strategies, tactics, and tools to reach customers, grow markets, and build customer loyalty. Some of the current areas I’ve been involved in recently include specialized digital marketing, developing social media programs, corporate blogging, micro-blogging and group marketing tactics, interactive marketing, Geo-targeting and localized marketing campaigns, developing brand advocates as well as more traditional marketing tactics. The days of simply using conventional marketing channels are gone. Consumers need more targeted messaging that incorporates the consumer’s lifestyle, interests, activities, and more. Remember, even if a company is not leveraging these newer marketing opportunities, their competitors most likely are.

purchase generic Lyrica How do you keep your skills current working in interim positions?
I keep my skills current through a variety of methods, some include keeping up on new and developing marketing trends and techniques, analyzing campaigns, attending professional seminars, training and tradeshows, conducting online research, and associating with formal and informal marketing professional groups and organizations.

Would you consider a permanent position?
I’m always open to the right permanent position with the right company, but I suspect I might miss the variety of projects, and the interaction with new clients.

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