Cultural Match, an Overlooked Determinant in the Hiring Process

I was recently introduced to Alan Hall’s book The 7 C’s of Hiring  great employees.  The number six spot went to “culture”, which in my opinion should be higher on the list.  Most of the time the biggest mistake a hiring manager makes is overlooking how the potential employee will fit into the workplace dynamic.  Instead, they focus on the applicant’s skills and prior work experience to determine the candidate’s future with the company.

Our clients reach out to us when their marketing department needs a specific skill set or an extra set of hands.  More importantly they reach out to us, because they know we will find a marketing candidate who fits in their work culture/environment and has the desired skill set.  Through an established relationship with our clients and marketing consultants, we are able to help our clients find great employees and help avoid a wrong hire.

One of McKinley’s consultants, Laura Brown, was recently praised by her client for not only being a dedicated worker, but also for her personality and the positive impact her presence brought to the team.  We placed Laura with this client knowing it is a company (like many others) who evaluate employees on not only productivity, but on the intangibles they bring to the cultural environment.

How can you determine if a candidate will fit into your company culture? One option is to present candidates with a personality test to properly analyze their work ethic and personality traits.  You can then compare their traits with the values, expectations, policies and procedures that influence the leaders of your company.   A personality test could ensure a proper cultural fit and enhance the employee’s productivity.  Refer to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® or CPI 260 Assessment.

Another option is to reach out to a resource like McKinley that maintains a roster of skilled marketers that have been personally vetted by our staff and can hit the ground running for clients.

by McKinley Marketing Partners