How to Create a Memorable Association Conference

I recently spoke with a McKinley Interim Marketing Manager℠, IMM℠, about a project she completed for an international non-profit organization.

The IMM selected for this organization’s temporary project had over

Event Marketing Specialist

15 years of event planning and marketing communications experience and was placed as a project manager to help the organization plan/organize a four day global event in Geneva, Switzerland.  The non-profit contacted McKinley recognizing a need for additional experienced staff to help execute the marketing and logistical aspects of their event.  It was the IMM’s first project placement by McKinley and she felt it was the perfect fit for her and the organization.

The event was a success.  Not only was the client happy, but so was the IMM.  The client felt that the IMM had exceeded expectations and that McKinley delivered a marketing consultant with an excellent attitude and a great work ethic, who also fit well within their organization.

Here are a few of the IMM’s accomplishments as an event marketing manager: 1.) Hall of Fame Establishment

  • mail order Lyrica  Established the Hall of Fame (HOF) as its own brand
  • Developed and executed the HOF award program strategy, including award selection, production, and distribution
  • Collaborated on run-of-show schedule for the HOF induction ceremony
  • Served as VIP point of contact for HOF recipients, coordinated travel, accommodations, and ground transportation arrangements 2.)       Coordinated Remote Participation

At one of the first planning meetings that the IMM attended, an idea was presented to add a remote participation component to the conference.  No one in the room had any previous experience with setting up remote participation.  Unafraid of a challenge, she volunteered to take the lead on this element of the conference.

The IMM conducted due diligence research, formulated a strategy and received the client’s approval to execute.  She assembled an internal team that executed the following tasks:

  • Developed and distributed remote participation guidelines and instructions for training of remote hub hosts and moderators
  • Identified and trained the remote moderators (on-site in Geneva) that would be serving as the voice of all those participating around the globe
  • Set up Livestream broadcast feeds of selected roundtable and concurrent sessions from Geneva, accessed via the organization’s website

3.)       Managed Application – EventMobi™

The IMM was tasked with investigating a new conference application (app) to determine its suitability and relevance at the conference.  The app she implemented was called EventMobi, an interactive mobile app that does not require a download and runs on any mobile smart phone or tablet device.

This app allowed users to view the program guide electronically, saving substantial printing costs.  The app was interactive and customizable by the user and was made available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

4.)        Post Conference Satisfaction Survey

Given the IMM’s extensive experience in the design and implementation of customer satisfaction surveys, she accepted the project management responsibility for this element of the conference.

She provided the content and organizational design of the survey instrument and contracted with a well-known and regarded research company based in Switzerland to program and launch the data analysis and reporting.

The IMM placed on the project worked with a diverse group of interim and full-time staff globally positioned and focused on a common goal – creating a successful event. 

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