10 Questions Every Job Seeker Should Ask a Recruiter

As a job seeker, you may think that your conversation with a recruiter is just the first interview of many in an interview process. But the truth is, your relationship with a recruiter should feel more like talking with a coach than a gatekeeper. You should ask questions. You should glean information. Think Rocky Balboa and Mickey. Does Rocky want Mickey’s approval? Sure, but more than that, he benefits from Mickey’s help.

Job seekers can glean actionable insights from recruiters. Whether you are actively or passively considering new opportunities, having a recruiter in your corner can be incredibly beneficial. A recruiter can serve as a built-in expert and support system for you as you work to achieve your career goals. But in your conversations with recruiters, have you actually maximized the opportunity to learn all you can? Recruiters are experts in the industry they serve. The next time you work with a recruiter, do yourself a favor and ask them these ten questions.  

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  1. coyly Are my salary expectations on target?
  2. http://entreconpensacola.com/speakers-2020 Is there anything that should be included on my resume that is not already there?
  3. Fridays Should anything be removed from my resume?
  4. Do you have any advice on how to succeed in this interview? 
  5. Is there anything I should know about who is going to interview me? 
  6. What skills are most marketable right now?
  7. What positions are you having the hardest time filling?
  8. If I were to invest in some professional development, what new skills would be most valuable for me to hone?  
  9. What follow-up questions do you recommend that I ask in my interview? 
  10. What benefits are offered by your firm? 

Remember, recruiters are on your side. If you win, they win–just like Mickey and Rocky. So pick their brains. Ask them questions. Maximize that opportunity. As you can see, recruiters are a wealth of knowledge that many job seekers leave untapped. You have an expert in your corner that can help you succeed in your interview and reach your goals. So tap into your boots-on-the-ground secret weapon: your recruiter. 

by McKinley Marketing Partners