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6 Ways Hiring Managers Can Combat Ghosting

In honor of this spooky month, we are talking Kāpren ghosting. One of the scariest parts of the hiring process is when potential employers or recruits go missing. Can’t get a clear answer for where you stand? No replies to your emails? You may have been ghosted. 

What was once behavior reserved for employers parsing through applicants, now the tables have turned and the candidates are doing the ghosting. Because the unemployment rate is so low (at just 3.7 percent as of August 2019), candidates with sought after skills can have their pick of jobs. And with all that attention they may feel that they don’t need to let employers know they’re not interested. They may even forget to contact you because they have folks knocking on their door daily. 

If you are hiring and you’ve been on the receiving end of a ghost, take heart. There are things you can do to push back against this trend. Here are six tips to use to proactively combat ghosting. 

Heerenveen 6 Ways Hiring Managers Can Combat Ghosting

  1. Dingolfing Be highly communicative throughout the hiring process. Set clear expectations around process and timeline. Think from a user experience standpoint and provide frequent updates. Even if you have not moved further along in the process, checking in and providing a quick update let’s the candidate know that you’re invested and they remain top of mind. If they feel forgotten, they will have no problem ignoring your calls and emails.
  2. cheap generic Quetiapine Be courteous–whether you’re a recruit or are hiring. It’s always a good idea to employ the Golden Rule. Courtesies like a timely reply, an expression of gratitude, or simple kindness in an interview can go a long way in building rapport. Courtesy begets courtesy.   
  3. Personalize the process. Keep contact professional, but warm. The more the candidate is treated with dignity and respect, the more he or she will feel the urge to reciprocate. It takes very little effort to make a quick note about a candidate’s favorite team or if she is a parent. Bring that up again before the second interview begins. This shows you were listening and that you care about the candidate, not just the position that needs filling.
  4. Speed up your process. This can’t be overstated. In a candidate’s market, time is of the essence. Hiring managers no longer have the luxury of working at their pace of preference. Decisions need to be made quickly, especially if you are considering a strong candidate. Put your offer together quickly and you’re more likely to get that all star recruit.
  5. Draft a canned ‘you’re out of the running’ email and use it. If you want fewer candidates ghosting you, be one of the good guys and follow up with applicants who are no longer being considered. This doesn’t have to be a time intensive process. Write a standard “it’s not a fit” email and send it to people you have interviewed but are no longer in consideration.
  6. Be flexible. In a candidate’s market there are small things you can do to cater to a candidate and make it easier for him or her to stay in contact with you. Be flexible about time for scheduling an interview. Respond to questions as quickly as possible. And let them skip the lengthy online application. Make the process as frictionless as possible.

Ghosting is an epidemic in today’s job market. But there are things you can do to push back against the trend. Be fast. Be flexible. And be communicative. Doing so will help stem the tide of ghosting in the hiring process.

by McKinley Marketing Partners