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Facebook Timeline is coming to Fan Pages

Many Facebook fan pages have begun converting to the ‘timeline’ format that personal Facebook pages are utilizing.  On March 30, 2012, all Facebook fan pages will convert to the timeline format, so be prepared for the change!   The timeline format presents a few unique opportunities to showcase a brand.

1.)    A unique cover page

The 850x315px cover image space can be used to show off a brand’s latest product, promotion or news.  Think free ad space.

2.)    Highlight company/product milestones

Brands have the ability to highlight certain milestones each year with the option to ‘pin’ certain posts keeping it relevant at the top of the page.  On the other hand, administrators are able to easily hide unwanted posts from the wall.

Take a look at the Today Show’s page.  They’ve used this feature to encourage fans to browse the page by creating a ‘Today Timeline Quiz’, testing a fan’s brand IQ.

3.)    Accessibility to easily view recent and prior activity

Tabs and apps are displayed in larger boxes at the top of the page – making sure no function on the page is overlooked.  Fans are able to quickly scan a page to view photos, wall posts, and join in conversations.

Make Note

The timeline format functionality does not accommodate landing pages that are viewed when visitors visit the page.  There may be a way to fix this issue, so stay tuned for updates and guides from Facebook.  In the meantime, an additional tab may be installed for the promotional landing page.

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