Talent with a Five Star Rating

As winter temperatures linger around the Washington, DC metro area, I planned an escape to a warmer climate this month.  Istarted a search for my getaway by visiting travel sites TravelZoo, Expedia, and TripAdvisor.  These sites are very helpful when planning a trip, as they utilize online customer hotel reviews.  Thanks to candid, first-hand stories and testimonials, I am confident in my final hotel and destination selection.


My search for the perfect vacation destination and the best hotel is similar in many ways to the process for finding the perfect candidate for an open job position.  When looking for the best hotel, I read dozens of online customer reviews.  When hiring managers have a candidate’s resume on their desk, they to can read reviews about the person’s work experience on social media sites, which provide further insight into a candidate’s professionalism and personality.  One can see if a person has spoken poorly about an employer or what recommendations they have received from a client or employer on LinkedIn.

Over the past year, more and more recruiters are opening up to using social media sites to vet potential candidates.

Do you evaluate candidates online before calling them in for an interview?  Have you found inappropriate content on their social media profile(s)?


Are you also wondering which destination spot I chose? Puerto Rico was the winner and, based on my research, I anticipate a positive hotel and vacation experience.


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by McKinley Marketing Partners