Smart Resource Growth: The Path to Marketing Greatness

While marketing strategies vary across different industries and business segments, one thing remains constant – somewhere there is a dynamic team powering the marketing engine. That is why developing a smart approach to finding the right marketing resources for your company is the key to successful growth.

Many factors are weighed when companies decide to grow their marketing teams. Is this a long-term or short-term need? What skills are required? Should we hire or bring on interim help? Can we find someone that fits well within our organization?  McKinley Marketing Partners (McKinley) understands these issues and is experienced in helping companies embark on a smart resource growth approach.

McKinley’s smart resource growth model:

  • Flexible and Scalable Talent

Budget constraints may force available resources to be scaled based on the varying demands companies have for resources throughout the calendar year. McKinley clients have the flexibility to bring on new resources in quick order with no minimum term of commitment. This flexibility can trigger smarter and more cost effective hiring, as clients know that they can scale quickly, but avoid the possibility of costly layoffs if their needs change.

  • Strategic vs. Tactical Expertise

In a perfect world, managers know exactly what type of skills and traits will make an employee successful in a given role.  More often, however, once a new position is created, there may be a shift in project deliverables.  Where a manger initially wants a tactical resource to execute marketing plans, a re-organization or change in scope of work may drive the need for someone who can also strategize and formulate marketing plans.  Our clients have the opportunity to make staffing changes based upon evolving needs without incurring additional costs.

  • Organizational and Cultural fit

McKinley’s clients often ask for consultants who can function as a liaison between departments. In one instance, a client felt that his full-time staff would be more effective if he had a marketing consultant solely dedicated to supporting sales teams. Without knowing for certain if an additional resource dedicated to sales would yield additional revenue and justify a long-term hire, this client brought on a marketing consultant for six months to try out the role.  When McKinley sent over a marketing resource with years of experience working with multiple sales teams, the client was able to see how the right candidate could make a huge difference to sales growth.  Instead of sourcing a new full-time employee, this client chose to convert their McKinley consultant into an employee.


Reach out to us today to discuss your growth plans.  With consultants that specialize in digital marketing, lead generation, brand management, content creation, project management and more, McKinley is your smart growth resource partner.


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by McKinley Marketing Partners