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3 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Commit to in 2015

If you’re like most people, you’re spending this week diving head first into your 2015 resolutions: organizing your closets, hitting the gym, or maybe heading to bed a little earlier. But resolutions shouldn’t be relegated to your personal life—now is the perfect time for marketers to commit to making 2015 a record-breaking year.


Here are three resolutions—approved by experts in the field—that all marketers should commit to this year.


1. Make Your CEO Part of Your Social Marketing Strategy.

According to a 2014 report from Domo and CEO.com, CEOs who are active on social media are seen as more innovative and can help shape a company’s image, build relationships with employees and journalists, and give a human face to the company’s brand. In other words, a CEO’s social presence can be an effective complement to a company’s marketing, PR, and recruitment efforts.  Your CEO likely has an extensive professional network, and leveraging that network will drastically increase the reach of your messaging—from blog posts to press releases. If your CEO is a social media novice, start with a single platform (LinkedIn or Twitter), and set a reasonable goal for posting (once a day for 30 days).

2. Fully Invest in Mobile.

John Gagnon of Microsoft predicts that “in 2015, marketers will find out calls are the new clicks.” Mobile traffic is exploding for all industries, and marketers must make it a central part of their strategy—not an add-on or afterthought. This goes for both B2C and B2B organizations. Russell Glass, Head of B2B Products for LinkedIn, anticipates that B2B marketers will see more than 50% of their content consumed on a tablet or mobile device this year. In other words, all content needs to be optimized for consumption on an array of devices and calls to action need to take mobile behavior into account.

3. Don’t Make Excuses – Measure, Measure, Measure.

As McKinley’s CEO, Michelle Boggs, points out in our latest white paper, we’re seeing an increased demand in 2015 for digital marketing skills. This uptick reflects a growing confidence in the value of digital marketing strategies, most likely because it is now easier to measure the success of digital marketing efforts. SiteCore’s 2014 report on the digital marketing landscape found that 80 percent of surveyed organizations reported tracking ROI of digital marketing activities. If you’re not part of that 80%, make sure you join them in 2015. Marketers are increasingly influential in major businesses because they have access to more data than ever, so it’s critical that you take advantage of the available tools to track the success of your marketing efforts.


by McKinley Marketing Partners