What to Expect in Your Q4 Job Search

We are now in the final three months of the year. Q4 is a busy season with holiday parties, vacation days, budget planning, and increased pressure to hit annual goals. So, what does that mean for your job search?

During the final months of the year things get complex in the hiring space. There’s a simultaneous uptick in a commitment to get things done before the calendar year ends and there’s also the inevitable slowdown that comes with the holidays.

If you’re actively seeking a new position during this season, here are three things you need to know.

 1. The competition will lessen. Many job seekers will take a breather from their job search over the holiday season. If you hustle during the end of Q4, you may have better odds. Consider the people who are dissatisfied in their current positions but are not motivated enough to actively pursue a new position until it’s at the top of their New Year’s Resolutions list. Many people will be taking it easy during November and December and won’t be actively searching. This could tip the scales in your favor.

2. Some hiring managers will begin to work with recruiting agencies, in part, to reduce their operating profits to minimize their annual tax bill, Financial Placements Executive Recruiter Josiah Whitman confirmed. No matter the reasoning, we see an increase in new business during this season. So do not assume there will be less opportunities toward the end of the year. If you have not connected with McKinley Marketing Partners yet, do it soon–before things get increasingly busy and fast-paced.

3. Recruiters will be extremely motivated to fill the year’s remaining openings by December 31. Every company has annual goals they aim to hit–recruiters not excepting. Last year 20% of the candidates we successfully placed, had start dates in Q4. And that’s despite the fact that many offices are closed for business 4-7 days during Q4. So how can you help recruiters help you? Make sure you are readily available for interviews. Freshen up your Linkedin page. And respond quickly to emails and phone calls from the team that wants to play matchmaker to you and your dream job.

What now? Get Q4 off to a good start by getting your ducks in a row. Research companies that you would like to work for. Get active on LinkedIn. Brush up on your interviewing skills. And if things slow down a bit over the holiday season, take the opportunity to maximize down time.

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