5 Surprising Benefits of Hiring Marketing Contract Workers

Historically, if you’ve needed to fill a role on your marketing team you might have worked with HR or someone else internally to find the right employee for the job. But what if you have unique needs for a specific long-term project? What if you need highly specialized skills? What if you envision the role morphing and you’re not sure if the kind of candidate you need today is the kind of candidate you’ll need nine months from now?

A marketing or creative consultant may be the perfect solution. Here are five benefits to hiring contract workers that you may have not yet considered.

5 Surprising Benefits of Hiring Contract Workers

 1. You can try before you buy. Many of our most successful permanent hires started out as contractors. You get the opportunity to gauge over the long (or short) term if the candidate you choose is a good permanent fit. You don’t have to make a decision about a permanent hire simply based on interviews and references.

2. There are fewer costs. Contract workers can be utilized without the added costs of benefits, payroll taxes, and other overhead costs. You may even be able to save on office space if your contractor works remotely.

3. Get a skill set expert for your special project. If you need output immediately or someone who can hit the ground running, you can use a contractor who brings specialized expertise to the job. Perhaps you only need someone to set up a specific program and train your team. You can get expert-level work immediately and eliminate the cost and time of training someone new to the program.

4. Some of the strongest candidates only want contract work. If you limit your hiring options to only those interested in permanent, full-time work, you may be eliminating a segment of the candidate pool who prefer contract work. Often, those with specialized skills prefer contracting where they can enjoy hyper-focused work.

5. Get the help you need even if you can’t hire someone full time. You may not have approval for additional headcount, but you might be able to build the team you need by hiring contractors and pulling from a different line item in your budget. This is also a great option if you need to backfill a position during a maternity leave.

As you look ahead, you may find that hiring a contractor is exactly what you need for the unique position you find yourself in. Learn more about how McKinley Marketing Partners can help you find the perfect candidate here or get started immediately by submitting the online consultant request form.

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