5 Tips to Attract an All-Star Candidate in 2018

Budgets have been approved. Calendars have been mapped out. Now it’s time for you to bring on the talent that you so desperately need. But in a climate where there are more open positions than qualified marketers to fill them, how do you make your organization stand out from the field of potential places to work? Here are five areas to focus on to attract an all-star candidate.

5 Tips to Attract an All-Star Candidate in 2018

 1. Cultivate a great culture and communicate that to the candidate. Here’s a mind-blowing statistic from our forthcoming 2018 hiring trends report: 78.8 percent of marketers would choose a lower salary where the company culture is a great fit for their personality and work style rather than a higher salary with a company culture that is not a great fit for their personality and lifestyle. Your culture is your reputation. Do your people feel invested? Do they enjoy going to work every day? Do they take pride in their work? All of these are critical indicators of a healthy culture.

2. Communicate a clear path for growth. All-star candidates do not simply envision an increase in salary over the years. They want an increase in responsibility and leadership. That’s why you have to paint a clear picture of the potential for growth that lies within the position. Highlighting the fact that they could get a promotion within 18 months could be the deciding factor between taking the position at your company versus another.

3. Make a strong first impression. Applicants are not the only ones who need to make a good impression in an interview. Not only should interviewers be friendly and engaging, but they should also be properly prepared for the interview. They should be ready to answer any questions the candidate may have and should also be properly briefed on the candidate’s resume and any other prior interviews at the company.

4. Offer the right candidate the right role. You can snag an all-star if you offer a role and tasks that aligns with what a candidate is looking for. So beyond just looking at a candidate’s resume, ask questions that help you determine what his goals are and where his passions lie. In a job market where marketers can be choosy, they are looking for work that aligns with their values and goals.

5. Give opportunities for a raise and performance rewards. Even if you cannot offer a candidate the highest wage at the start, if there is potential to earn more down the road be sure to highlight it. 76.4 percent of marketers would take a starting salary that is on the lower end of their pay range if there is potential for bonuses and profit sharing. And 74.9 percent would prefer to take a lower salary with the promise that after six months they would be eligible for a raise that would bring their salary closer to the high end of pay scale rather than starting a job with a higher salary with no clear idea of when a salary increase may take place.

Finding an all-star candidate to join your team is challenging in a candidate’s market, but it can certainly be done. By highlighting the value that you can bring to an applicant’s career, you can stand out from other organizations and build your marketing dream team.

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