Interested in Product Marketing? These are 3 Skills You Must Have On Your Resume in 2018.

Product Marketing is a rising star in the marketing world. In fact, 22.3 percent of marketing hires in 2018 require product marketing skills or experience. But it can be difficult to understand exactly what fits into “product marketing” and what doesn’t.

What is “Product Marketing?”

Product Marketing focuses on bringing a product to market. It touches marketing, sales, and the actual product itself. It’s usually at the bottom of the funnel where product experts, trainers, user testing, messaging, and demand generation all exist to make sure there is a smooth transition into implementation. Before a product launch a product marketer might focus on messaging, positioning, customer development, and the overall marketing strategy for the product. After a launch a product marketer might help create sales enablement tools and do whatever they can to ensure the overall success of the product.

Product marketers live in a world close to the creation and shipment of the product itself, but they have their hand in sales and marketing as well. Their big goal: adoption and success of the product.

These are three of the most sought-after skills for those hiring product marketers this year:

 1. Product marketing. Product marketers should be able to develop a unique value proposition for what the company offers that ultimately drives sales. No one should understand potential buyers as well as a product marketer.

 2. Product management. Knowing how to market a product at all stages of the product life cycle helps a product stand out from its competition and remain relevant in the eyes of consumers.

 3. Project management. Product marketers must have strong organizational skills so tasks are completed on schedule and on budget. This ultimately ensures that the goals of engaging, converting, and retaining customers are achieved.

Product marketing is critical and its dominance in the marketing landscape is poised to grow. If you want a career in product marketing focus on becoming the resident expert of your potential client base, the stages of your product lifecycle, and project management, and you will be a dream candidate for hiring managers looking to fill product marketing roles.

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by McKinley Marketing Partners