New Year, New Job: 5 Ways to Kick Off Your 2020 Job Hunt

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Ah, the fresh start of the new year. Perhaps you’ve been ready for a change for a while, but with the new year comes a clean slate and a renewed sense of the importance of aligning your daily life with your goals and values. You are ready to take action in your career and move on to a new position.

Whether you are currently between roles or are employed full time, there are a few areas you can focus on in your job search to maximize your time and make the greatest impact. Here are our five best tips to kick off your 2018 job hunt.

5 Ways to Kick Off Your 2020 Job Hunt

 1. Freshen up your LinkedIn profile. Upload a professional headshot. Make sure the descriptions of your past roles are fully fleshed out with your accomplishments. Add a summary to your bio. (For more best practices read our article, Job hunting? Here are 5 of the best kept secrets to get a recruiter’s attention on LinkedIn.)

 2. Invest in professional development. Marketing is a field that is constantly evolving. Attending webinars or in-person trainings in a number of areas could give you an advantage over another applicant with a similar career history.

 3. Spread the word. Make sure your personal network knows that you are looking for a new role. Aim to reach out to at least one person per day.  

 4. Connect with a partner in your job search. The beauty of working with a recruiting agency is that you can have an advocate working on your career goals for you. Recruiting agencies also have access to roles that you might never even hear of otherwise.

 5. Put your priorities on your calendar. If you’re serious about changing jobs this year, you have to prioritize it in your schedule. Block off time with yourself just like you would a meeting with someone else. And if you’re currently working make sure this time is in the evenings or early mornings, not during your work day.

While moving into a new role can seem like a daunting task, if you break it down into small, specific goals, you can make great progress toward creating the life you envision. Just beginning your job search? Been searching for months and feeling frustrated? Don’t worry, McKinley Marketing Partners has you covered.  We connect marketers and creative professionals with top corporate and nonprofit organizations everyday. Start by creating a talent profile or browse open opportunities.

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