How to Woo the Marketer of Your Dreams

Ah, Valentines Day. The day we’re reminded that finding “the one” can be one of life’s greatest challenges. And finding the right marketer for your team, well, that’s not so easy either.


In part because there are simply more open job opportunities available than there are qualified marketers to fill them.

So take a page from Cupid’s book and follow these six tips to woo the marketer of your dreams.

 1. Act fast. Strong candidates are often only on the market for two weeks. A four to six-week deliberation window is simply not an option. When a strong candidate comes along, be prepared to act. Just like with a crush, be brave! Act now.

 2. Adjust recruitment messaging so only candidates who are the right fit respond. To attract the right candidate sooner, make sure the messaging calls out exactly what you need and does not attract candidates who are a bad fit. It’s kind of like an online dating profile. You need to be clear on what is non-negotiable so you’re not wasting your time or theirs.

 3. Build a culture that speaks for itself. 79 percent of marketers we surveyed in our Marketing Hiring Trends Report said they would accept a salary offer at the lower end of their range if the company culture is a great fit for their personality and work style. Just like a first date, highlight the best parts of your company culture in the interview!

 4. When reaching out to potential candidates, include a personal touch. Candidates are more likely to respond to a personal message that clearly explains why their experience and skills are of interest. 1-Page was able to reduce their employee search time from six weeks to two weeks after employing this method. Aren’t we all more likely to say “yes” to a second date when our date compliments us in an articulate and thoughtful way? Same principle applies in the hiring process.

 5. Create an accurate and detailed job description. This not only helps the right candidate find the right role, but it also helps human resources and others involved in the hiring process get clarity and alignment on what is needed in a candidate. In the same way that you have some sort of clear criteria for the kind of person you’d be open to dating, you have to have clear criteria to find the right hire. The more you can get clarity around this, the more aligned your team will be in finding the right applicant and moving forward quickly.

 6. Highlight the potential for a raise. Seventy-five percent of marketers would accept a lower salary offer when negotiating a new position if it comes with the promise that after six months they would be eligible for a raise that would bring the salary closer to the high end of pay scale. Whether in dating or in their career, people want to know the future is bright and you’re serious about keeping them around for the long-term.

Gone are the days of marketers waiting by the phone for a call from a potential employer. The tables have turned and now we have to actively pursue desirable candidates. Utilize these six tips to stand out from other organizations and woo the marketer of your dreams.

by McKinley Marketing Partners