Job Seeker Tips: How to Write a Thank You Note That Will Wow Them

With 23 years of experience (and counting) in the marketing recruiting space, we have seen it all when it comes to top performing candidates and those we would, quite frankly, avoid recommending to a client.  

In any job application process there are some easy things the job seeker can do to get a leg up on the competition. And there are things that can be done that make a hiring manager quickly say “next!”  

One etiquette staple of the interviewing process is writing thank you notes. While to some it may seem like a quaint practice from days gone by, it’s actually a critical piece of the process.  

According to Career Builder, 22 percent of hiring managers say they are less likely to offer a job to a candidate who doesn’t send a thank you note. TheLadders job search expert Amanda Augustine further attests to this: “failure to follow up can be the deciding factor in rejecting a candidate who is otherwise a great fit.” And in our own experience, we have worked with a number of hiring managers who’ve refused to move forward with a candidate for this very reason. Gretchen Sanford, Director, Recruiting at McKinley Marketing Partners said, “I remember one simply saying, ‘No thank you, no follow through, no job!’” 

“I remember one simply saying, ‘No thank you, no follow through, no job!’” 

Now that we have established that thank you notes are essential, let’s unpack some best practices to make sure that your thank you notes hit all the right beats.  

8 Tips for Outstanding Interview Thank You Notes  

1. Reiterate your interest in a sincere, yet concise way. No need to employ flowery language but do let your passion come through.

2. Stay away from the generic and show some personality.  Add a personal touch or use some unique stationery to stand out from the crowd.

3. Remind the hiring manager of your key qualifications and how you would love to use those skills to help their company reach their goals.

4. Avoid the “hard sell.” You do not want to come across desperate. Most hiring managers have already made up their minds before receiving a thank you, but the note can still be a key to tipping the scales in your favor.

5. Don’t copy and paste your thank you notes. Vary the content from note to note if you interview with multiple people, as they may compare.

6. Finish your note by reiterating your appreciation for their time and consideration.

7. Send the note within 24 hours of an interview so the hiring managers are still thinking about the interview when they receive your notes.

8. Avoid communicating through social media or text. Keep all contact as professional as possible.  

By applying these thank you note tips, you will not only show respect to those who help get you a new job, but you will also build rapport with those who you will work with for years to come. 

by McKinley Marketing Partners