3 Types of Employment Opportunities with McKinley Marketing Partners

Every industry has its own shorthand. And if you’re new to a company where people love to spout acronyms, your head may spin for a while until you’ve got the vernacular down.

If working with McKinley Marketing Partners is new to you, we want to share the terms that will be most important to understand in the job placement process. Clarity is a beautiful thing, right?

http://punchdrunksoul.com/ashleerecord/ Contract Work: This is a work assignment, which we often refer to as a “project” that has a beginning and a targeted end date. There is a possibility for a mutually agreed upon extension beyond the initial end date. In this scenario you are contracted as a McKinley employee serving another organization. 

erotically Direct Hire: McKinley serves as the matchmaker here between you and your new employer. McKinley reaches a contract agreement with the hiring company and then goes to work filling a direct hire placement for the hiring manager. There is no employment through McKinley in this scenario, but we strive to continue an ongoing relationship with you and your new employer.

The difference between contract work and direct hire work boils down to the employer. If we place you in a contract role, your employer is McKinley Marketing Partners. That means we can serve as your advocate, partner, and support as any needs arise. If you are placed in a “direct hire” role, then McKinley’s client company is your new employer.  The relationship between you and your employer is not managed by McKinley, but we hope to continue the relationship for years to come.

Contract to Hire: This is a hybrid of the two types of employment offers. This scenario pops up if a client company wants to hire a consultant on a temporary basis for a suggested period of time, such as six months, with the opportunity to potentially convert to a permanent employee with the client company. This is a great option for both the client and the consultant to see if the position is a good fit for a long-term commitment.

Our clients have a wide array of opportunities and requests. Some need contract consultants full time or part time, some need direct hire, and some want to try a contract to hire arrangement. The client needs are varied and so are the opportunities! These three types of employment are all excellent options. And it’s a good idea to talk through these options with your recruiter to determine which type of employment would suit you best. 

by McKinley Marketing Partners