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4 Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

McKinley Marketing Partners has been a leader in recruiting for over 25 years and yet, hiring today is unlike anything we’ve seen before. We have had to double our recruiter count just to begin to keep up with demand. For those of us who help connect talent with opportunities, it’s a good problem to have! But for hiring managers, it can be a pain. 

The Great Resignation brought a major shake up to the hiring landscape. That’s why it’s important that you know all of the options you have in regards to finding the talent you need. Not only does McKinley help source for full-time employee roles (direct hire), we can also help you find contract talent to stand in the gap when you need help as quickly as possible.

Why hire a contractor?

Here are four reasons to consider a contract resource:

  1. Flexibility. The contract could be short or long-term.
  2. Impressive skills. We can connect you with consultants with extremely niche skills to serve as an expert resource on a specific project. 
  3. It’s cost effective. Interim resources bill hourly. You can keep your team lean.  
  4. Speed. Get relief from the stress of being short-staffed almost immediately without feeling the pressure that it has to be a long-term perfect fit. 

You may be surprised by the caliber of talent we have that is open to contract opportunities. Whether you have a short-term need to cover for an employee taking personal leave or you have budget to offer 12-month renewable contract roles, we can help you find the right talent.

Our consultants enjoy contract work. And with the great benefits we offer, they get the freedom to say “yes” to the opportunities that excite them most.

With almost 11 million open jobs in the US, there’s no wonder you’ve had a tough time finding the help you need. The good news is that when you’re in a pinch, whether it’s for a short-term project, parental leave cover, or you do not have the budget for a permanent hire, we have marketing and creative resources that can help. We pride ourselves in being the premiere staffing firm to help you find permanent direct hires and interim contract marketers alike. 

Get in touch and let’s get to work finding the talent you need.

by McKinley Marketing Partners