Earn cash through McKinley’s Referral Reward Programs by referring the best in marketing and creative talent or new business.

Refer a marketer or creative professional to become a consultant and receive a cash reward!

McKinley’s candidates are marketing and creative professionals with at least five years of experience. Their expertise includes:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Production
  • Communications
  • Customer Acquisition/Retention
  • Products and Services
  • Research and Analysis

The referral cannot be anyone already affiliated with McKinley.

You will receive a one-time $500 reward for recommending someone that leads to an interim placement.

Payment to you will be received 45 days following the end of month in which the referral bills his/her first 160 hours.

If you refer someone who becomes placed in a direct hire position, you will also be eligible for the same reward. Other terms may apply.

Submit consultant referrals to iReferral@mckinleyinc.com. Ask the referral to select the “iReferral” option as the source on the online application.


Refer a project that results in a consultant placement and receive a cash reward!

Projects that fall within the scope of McKinley’s services include interim, contract-to-hire and direct hire placements at mid-sized and large businesses, Fortune 500 companies, associations, and federal agencies. The potential client should be looking for marketing or creative talent with at least five years of experience.

Active consultants and candidates already affiliated with McKinley are eligible to refer projects and jobs.

You will receive a dollar for every billable hour an employee works on the project you referred – for the life of the project. McKinley’s typical interim position lasts 6-12 months. For example, if a consultant is working 40 hours a week on a project that lasts 6 months, that is approximately 1,000 hours of billable time. If that project lasts a year, that is approximately 2,000 hours of billable time. If the interim project turns into full-time employment, the referring consultant will be rewarded an additional $300 for the conversion.

If you refer a direct hire opportunity and McKinley is able to place a full-time employee with your referral, you will receive a one-time $500 cash reward. Other terms may apply.

Submit project referrals to iProjectReferral@mckinleyinc.com. Please include the name and contact information of the person requesting marketing talent along with any additional information about the project.

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