New Release: 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends Report

Digital Marketers will be in High Demand and Short Supply, According to Experts at McKinley Marketing Partners


ALEXANDRIA, Va. (March 28, 2017) — McKinley Marketing Partners has released its annual Marketing Hiring Trends report for 2017. This year’s paper shows digital marketers remain highest in demand but surprisingly the search for them will be tight.

The study polled over 300 directors, vice presidents, C-level marketing executives, as well as hiring managers and others in the position to make decisions about marketing talent for their 2016 hiring decisions and projected hiring needs for 2017. The survey also included, for the first time, marketers without any direct influence on hiring to better understand the issues and trends important to their careers.

Overall, the study reveals that hiring numbers, though continuing to grow, are inconsistent across marketing functions, and so too is the supply of available talent. A thorough understanding of their hiring needs and the factors that motivate candidates will prove critical to marketing hiring efforts this year.

“As digital marketing continues to grow, marketers have a tremendous opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact,” said Michelle J. Boggs, president and CEO of McKinley Marketing Partners. “While the advent of new tools makes it easier to quantify results the basic tenets of marketing still stand: prove value to stakeholders and differentiate from the competition,” she added.

Key findings of the 2017 survey include:
• More than half of marketing hires will be digital this year.
• Digital advertising and content rank highest among digital marketing needs.
• Demand for marketing talent far exceeds supply in key areas.
• Mid-level marketers will be in highest demand.

McKinley Marketing Partners has published a white paper entitled “2017 Marketing Hiring Trends: An In-Depth Report on Factors Shaping Demand for Marketing and Creative Talent,” which details hiring trends and their implications for the state of marketing in 2017. For access to the complimentary white paper, click here.


by McKinley Marketing Partners