Success Story

Advertising and Brand Project Management

A large hospitality and lodging company contacted McKinley Marketing Partners when it found its brand advertising department short-staffed.

This department was responsible for creating and implementing advertising strategies for the company’s five mid-scale brands, and other marketing programs covering all ten brands in the United States.

The client requested an Interim Marketing ManagerSM (IMMSM) to help with project management, creative brief writing, creative evaluations, and roadmap development while they recruited new full-time employees.

Specifically, the IMM would need to work with the client’s advertising agency, brand managers, and legal department to manage the creation of print, radio, television, online, and emerging media advertising in accordance with the department’s overall strategy.


Throughout the life of the project, the IMM:

  • Helped to establish new brand identities for five brands and ensured that those identities were reflected consistently in advertising materials across all channels
  • Established a central repository with guidelines for accepted language and images pertaining to each brand
  • Created reference materials including guidelines for the legal use of marks and specific language for each brand
  • Collected and classified online and offline artwork by brand, date, and channel to enable simple access
  • Worked with brand managers, web content managers, and advertising partners to expand partnerships and opportunities for online promotions and cross-promotions

Ultimately, the IMM was able to develop more cohesive, consistent brand identities throughout a multi-platform advertising program.  

Through her efforts, she created a streamlined, faster process for creating artwork by using simplified procedures, documenting guidelines, and organizing databases of previously created materials.

by McKinley Marketing Partners